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Don't Let Them Collect Dust

Over the years I've collected a healthy amount of records. Some have never been played, and many have only seen the needle once or twice. My goal is to play every record I have, giving them life again at least once. To make it easier on me, it will be done alphabetically by format then genre... Yes I have OCD with my records and they are genretized and then in alphabetical order.

If you are in a band or have a record label, I will gladly listen to any record sent to me and write about it on here. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Aug 28 '13

Flight of the Conchords - s/t 12”

Uh… what do I really need to say about how awesome this record is? Bowie, Business Time, Robots, The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room) and so many more A+ jams. If you don’t know this comedy folk duo, go to Netflix or HBO Go, or Hulu or Pirate Bay and watch their show! Then Go buy their albums. Then go see them this summer on tour with Dave Chappelle.

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