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Don't Let Them Collect Dust

Over the years I've collected a healthy amount of records. Some have never been played, and many have only seen the needle once or twice. My goal is to play every record I have, giving them life again at least once. To make it easier on me, it will be done alphabetically by format then genre... Yes I have OCD with my records and they are genretized and then in alphabetical order.

If you are in a band or have a record label, I will gladly listen to any record sent to me and write about it on here. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Jul 17 '13

MXPX - Plans Within Plans 12”

I was at the record release show for this record in Philly. It was amazing. I had no plans of picking up this record, I just wanted to see them play old songs. This record has a much more mature sound than the previous few records. A few tracks sound like they might as well be Social Distortion tracks. I was so impressed that I bought the record on my way out.

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